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I already have an email account. Why do I need an email marketing service?

The first question that arises at the onset of any type of project is usually what tools are needed to get started. If you’re undertaking an email marketing campaign your instinct might be to simply use the tools you already have: your personal email account. But there are several reasons why your email account is not only inadequate for the job, but also a risky choice.

An email marketing service (EMS) offers email Standard email programs are not designed for email marektingmarketing and bulk email services. Unlike your regular email account, EMSes are intended to send email to large recipient lists, accommodate custom graphic design, and track all actions taken by recipients. Sending an email to a large recipient list from your personal email account may trigger spam filters to categorize your email as junk. EMSes maintain relationships with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ensure that all your emails sent through their systems are not blocked by spam filters.

The major EMSes comply by the CAN-SPAM Act, which is imperative to avoid becoming blacklisted. Everything you need to do in order to be a legal email marketer is already built-in to the system as well as time-tested best practices. If you choose to use your personal email account to deliver marketing messages, you run the risk of becoming blacklisted by the major ISPs. Protect your personal and corporate IP addresses by not using them to send “bulk” email.

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