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How to Grow Your House List Organically

If your business is new, it’s never too early to start collecting your customers’ email addresses. If your business is well-established, it’s never too late. The best type of email subscriber list is your “house list” – a permission-based list that you built yourself. It is one of your most valuable assets because it is 7 times less expensive to market to an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Don’t rent or buy email addresses from list brokers. Not only could this increase your spam rate, but your ROI will very likely be low. Here are 10 ways to grow and capitalize on your house list.

While doing business:

  1. At checkout: Give visitors the option to subscribe at the time of purchase. If yours is a services-based business or organization, visitors can subscribe when registering for something or as part of their login process. This is the #1 way to build your list.
  2. In your store or trade-show booth: Place a sign-up sheet next to a sign explaining the main benefits of subscribing. Enter all new subscribers into a monthly raffle to win discounts or products
  3. Service or sales calls: Invite the caller to join your mailing list. On average, more than half will say yes.
  4. Events & meetings: When you get a business card in a meeting or at a networking event, ask that person whether they’d like to receive your newsletter.
  5. Past customers: If you have a database of customers who have not yet subscribed to your list mailing list send them an invitation: A polite e-mail letting them know you’ll be sending special offers and new product news, and asking them to click a link if they’d like to be included.
  6. Your email signature: Add a “Join Our Mailing List” link at the footer of your email messages.

Through your online presence:

  1. Company website, blog, and social media: Position the “Join Our Mailing List” link prominently on the page. You can offer incentives such as “Please sign-in or register with us and save $10.”
  2. Forward to a Friend: Make sure every e-mail has a “Forward to a Friend” link so that the addressee can send it on to others.
  3. Offer samples: Provide examples of past newsletters and offers on your site, so that visitors can check the goods before they subscribe.
  4. Provide alternatives: Make your newsletters available in an RSS feed. That allows your more technical visitors to review your latest news on their timetable.

Don’t neglect your house list! It’s a powerful resource that can make the difference between a good month and a great one. Your customers want to hear from you!

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