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Integrate your email and social media campaigns

Email marketing works best when it’s part of an overall marketing strategy. While the Direct Marketers Association currently ranks email marketing to produce the highest return on investment, social media is quickly catching up. You can increase the success of your email campaign by capitalizing on the popularity of social media.

According to the fourth annual Email Marketing Industry Census, many marketers are using social media to enhance their email campaigns. More than a third of companies (37%) are using email to encourage the sharing of content on social networks and just under a third of companies (31%) say they are planning to do this. A fifth of companies (21%) are using email to promote customer ratings and reviews, while a further 26% say they have plans to do this.

The real benefit of social media is its ability to leverage your message and amplify your content as people spread it through their social networks. GetResponse conducted a survey and found that integrating social media and e-mail produced a greater than 30% improvement in click-through rates.

Here are five ways to better integrate social media with your email marketing:

  1. Place a link to your e-newsletters on your social media pages and vice versa
  2. Deliver e-newsletters containing excerpts from your blog with links to each post
  3. Include social media share options in your e-newsletter
  4. Link to your company’s social networking profile in the sidebar of your e-newsletter
  5. Provide an option for customers to join your social media networks on your e-mail newsletter registration page

How do you use email marketing? How do you integrate email marketing with social media?

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