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Tricks for increasing your click-through and conversion rates

If you’re finding that your click-through or conversion rates are below industry standards, or below your own expectations, below is seven strategies you can use to give them a boost.

  1. Links. The more links you include in your emails, the more likely it is your subscribers will find something of interest to click on to bring them to your website. Make your headlines, images, and calls-to-action clickable.
  2. Alt Tags. Instead of a boring alt tag like “Company Logo” that will get ignored, try something like “Learn more about [insert company name]” and link it to your website. That way the alt tags will function as effective calls-to-action even if the images are blocked.
  3. Placement. Make sure one or several links and calls-to-action are “above the fold,” that is, the part of the screen that’s visible without scrolling down.
  4. Graphics. Studies show that images improve response.
  5. Increase delivery. The more frequently you communicate with your subscribers the higher your response will be. However, this can be a double-edged sword, so be careful not to over-saturate your audience with your message.
  6. Segmentation. The more tailored your messages are to your subscribers, the more likely they will engage with you. Segment your mailing list and customize your message in a way that’s appropriate for each group.
  7. Focused landing pages. Ensure that each of your links directs the subscriber to a page on your website that is specifically relevant to the link and is useful. If all your links point to your homepage, for example, it will discourage users from clicking on additional links.

Improving your campaign’s click-through and conversion rate will improve the overall effectiveness of your campaign. Experiment with various techniques and observe how your audience responds.

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