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Timing is everything: When’s the best time to deliver an email?

08/24/2010 2 comments

The time you choose to deliver your email can have an impact on the overall results of your campaign. Your emails should reach your subscribers when they will be most receptive to your message.

When not to send an email:

Friday-Monday. If your audience consists mainly of 9-to-5ers, your subscribers will generally be out of the office on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, inboxes are brimming with new messages that arrived over the weekend. Friday typically has the lowest open rate of all days.

Holidays. Emails delivered immediately before, during, or after a major holiday won’t get read until the post-holiday dust has settled, and by then your message may be outdated.

Overnight or first thing in the morning. Stay clear of the morning deleting frenzy. Subscribers are typically cleaning their inboxes early in the day and your email may get trashed.

The best time to send an email:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It’s likely that your subscribers have settled into their weekly routines and have more time to dedicate to reading your email.

10:00 am. Since consumers tend to dive deeper into email in the morning, this delivery time is especially effective if you’re sending a newsletter that requires reader involvement.

1:00 pm. In the afternoon, consumers are dipping in-and-out of their inboxes. If you’re sending a promotion with a clear and urgent call-to-action then this delivery time is most effective.

What if my subscribers live in different time zones? Some email service providers offer a geolocation service that will allow you to schedule your campaigns to automatically deliver based on each subscriber’s time zone.

When selecting your delivery time, consider your demographic and the nature of your promotion. The best thing to do is to experiment with different delivery times and segment your subscribers by their engagement levels. Understanding your subscribers’ email habits will help increase your campaign’s open rate.

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